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Fender flares for a Comanche with Cherokee 2001 front

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I would like to match the rear and the front fender flares.I have seen on internet some Comanche wiht the front 2001 conversion that have small fenders flares rear and front.Where they found those? Do you know

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You can DA the ridge off the rear ones and get a close to stock look. You can also run 96 and older flares, bumper, and air dam on the front.


If you search for Black Betty in the projects forum you can see how I started to mod some 97+ rear flares to work on the back. I never did finish them before I sold the truck.


Your last option is, mold yourself a set of custom one off flares. I have a set that I need to finish for my truck that I got off a member here. :chillin:

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1997-1998 Jeep Cherokee rears off a 2 door should work for what you need.

The 2 door and 4 doors flares are identical...

And they are also shorter than MJ flares by about 2" to 3", in both length of opening (front to back, at bottom of opening) and height.


It doesn't seem to matter how often this comes up, and how many times we point out that the 2-door and 4-door rear flares are the same, the myth that 2-door XJ flares fit the MJ persists. There doesn't seem to be any way to put a stake through its heart.

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I tried using late model front flares on the back:


and hacked up a late model bumper cap to fill in the gap:


but even if the cap had looked good cut down (it doesn't),

the funky angle of the ft flare doesn't compliment the rear body lines like it does the front:



I also tried using a wrap around bumper to fill the section under the ft flare, but didn't like that either:


BTW, if you're wondering why the rear panel was cut that far back:

I flipped the leafs, just to try it, had to chop just to get the tires to roll. :doh:


I have some MJ flares that I ground down the edge to look more like a late model flare,

in the end I'll probably end up using those.

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Anyone have any thoughts of what brand-X (Ford, Chevy, Dodge, etc) wheel well openings that could be grafted on the back, and decently match the late model XJ front?



I'm looking for a bigger opening (to fit a 37" Bogger) for the back.

A wheel well patch panel from a full size truck might give me a good starting point.


Not looking for a ton of tire coverage (my rear axle is a little narrower than stock), but a bigger opening that will provide 'some' coverage, and look OK burned into an MJ bed.




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