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This is pretty awesome


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Yeah, those are freaking sweet. I've wanted one for awhile, since I saw the first thread on here about them.


I know several members have them, and a few of them even have multiples.


Just don't have the money to justify spending on that ATM..

same here. thats why i posted it here. one of us should have it, but the wife would kill me for spending 30 bucks on a coin....

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That started last week, and went with out a bid, and this is the 're-list' of that coin.


Agree......he's asking too much, and I thought when he re-listed it, he would drop the opening bid......not so :shake:


It took me a couple of auctions, but I don't think I paid more than $24 for mine last year. and shipping was only a couple bucks.


Hold out, he'll either drop the price, or another one will come along :D

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Will that fit into a vending machine? :dunno:


That's all that it's worth to me. Man, I can think of better things to spend my $$ on than a promo sales coin.



Actually...........there not a promo thing, they were handed out to all the workers/management at the Toledo plant on July 1, 1985, the first day the MJ went into production :D


So, there is some "sentimental" value to the coins :yes:


Only for the Comanche addict crowd :nuts:

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