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Had our second "major" snowstorm in the last 30 days here in good 'ole Virginny yesterday......


this was my kitchen door around 8 PM. We got about another 4-5" after this, then it finally died off ('bout 15" total).


Glad we moved to VA from PA to get away from the snow :nuts:




Image Not Found

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Hmm............Seams like Richmond is getting more snow that Buffalo this year :hmm:


Well....You can have it :yes:


Yea, I know someone else that moved down that way to escaped the snow shoveling duty........ :rotf:


(Yup, she shoveled 3 times on Saturday :teehee: )




Looks like you door bottom sweep needs a little adjustment ;)

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we got about 10" 100 miles west of Jeff, very rare that Richmond gets more than us.


We got close to 10" down here in Hampton Roads which it's rare to get anything over a dusting. :rotfl2: Most snow I've ever seen in over 20 years of living here.



I shoveled half the driveway just to see what I was missing. Figured I'd let Mr. Sun take care of the rest. :yes:



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i wish it would dump here. its prime riding weather and we rode 3 miles yesterday until a 5 sled pile up 2 were totaled 2010 polaris rush 5 miles vs tree 05 skidoo mxz 600 rev vs tree 2 arctic cats upside down and i came up on my buddies all crashed and locked up the binders and bailed and my sled rolled 5 times.


expensive day for us. but everyone was ok. when came up on it it looked like a helicopter ride for everyone


but they were walking around.




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yeah, darn global warming it ruining winter for everyone... :rotfl2:


LMAO......Exxxxxactly! I saw an article recently where the global warming supporters made a comment about the strong winter this year just being an abnormality and that global warming was still of grave concern. Yet, they still never seem to have true supporting data.

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