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  1. 1987 Jeep Comanche Sport (MJ) Short Bed 4.0L Inline 6 Renix Era BA/10 5 spd 2wd D35 with 4.10s (non c-clip) 31x10.50 BFG All Terrains (lots of tread) Red 195k miles I've owned this since 2007. Its been a labor of love to get this thing on the road and reliable enough to be a back up ride to my LJ, a dump runner, and a truck. I've never pulled the trigger to make it a wheeler, but instead put my energy into factory upgrades. With the onset of family and adding another vehicle, I do not care to keep it around and shuffle in and out of the driveway. Its always required a bit of love to keep running, but has never let me down when put into service. It was my DD for about 3 months this year while the LJ was in and out of the shop. I have put 2300 lbs in the bed when doing a walkway this spring and the truck did great with that payload. Generally speaking, I have put about 2 thousand miles on it a year and its done whatever I have needed it to. The 'Mods': -H4 Head light conversion with harness -Upgraded interior lights, Kick Panel lights, Underhood light -Electric 10 blade fan wired to a switch on the dash -Fog Lights -4wd suspension -Full Gauge cluster -15" Ravine Alloy Wheels -Bucket Seats and Center Console with new rubber floor mat -Factory Tow Hooks -Heavy Duty Battery Cables The Good: -Inspection good through June of 2013 -Brand New exhaust from header to tail pipe (less than 2k miles on it) -All brake parts (minus two hard lines) replaced since I have owned it including the pricey 2wd rotors. -Low % of body rot. I would be lieing if I said it was rust free, but its in great shape rust wise compared to the majority of MJs I have seen. -4.10s turn the 31s easy and the truck is fun to drive -New Battery (less than a year old) -Gets 17-20 mpg -Runs +- 10 degrees off of 210 (doesn't overheat) -Comes with a lot of spare parts (dizzy, starter, spark plugs, steering, control arms, etc.) The Bad: -Its got a BA/10 with near 200k miles -Its got dings and dents like a 25 year old truck would (its been used) -Paint is from the AMC era, clear coat issues, old, etc. -Herculiner in the Bed looks like crap where the Sun has been hitting it -Still has an oil leak (changed valve cover, RMS, oil adapter seals) Doesn't leak as much as is visible on the bottom of the trans -Oil Pressure Gauge doesn't work (changes sensor twice and have run a mechanical gauge, pressure is good) -No Headliner -Broken Visor Clip -Broken Driver side mirror adjuster plastic trim -Vent Windows leak a very tiny amount -Shifter is rigged in place -Clock doesn't work right Price - $2500 Located in Dahlgren, VA I'm not on the boards all that much, but send me a pm and I will be sure to check it as soon as I can. -Sean
  2. My Cat's output cracked 100% off last weekend. I bought a direct fit replacement along with a new front pipe. The bolts at the flange are rusted crazy bad. They don't appear to be anything special, but does anyone know their size off the top of their head? Thanks, Sean
  3. Nice meeting you too, axle is sold.
  4. Someone is going to be looking at th axle on Friday. I will update the thread based on what happens.
  5. If its still available and I'm in town, I would like to work something out.
  6. I wouldn't be willing to drive 2 hrs to make this deal.
  7. For sale: HP Non Disco Dana 30 with 4.10s. Its an open diff, there are no shafts and no brakes. When I popped the cover today to verify the ratio, the fluid was in decent shape. I bought this over a year ago for a 4wd swap on the MJ, which just isn't going to happen. The guy selling it said it came out of a '96 XJ, I don't recall the mileage. I would like to sell it for what I bought it for. $150 Item is located in Dahlgren, VA. Image Not Found Image Not Found -Sean
  8. Maybe I'm just lucky but I've been using them in my D30 and D44 on my LJ for about 3 years and about 10 or so changes with no issues. It makes life very easy when it comes time to change diff fluid.
  9. I'll bite, what is the function of this thing?
  10. Being a Redskin fan, my season was over around week 10. But I'm still an NFL fan. Having been to many games at Fed-Ex and experiencing both Steeler nation and the Pack, their fans both rank in the extremely annoying category. So I default my decision to who I dislike more, which is the Stillers. Having to go to school in PA and enduring that for 4 years is enough to root for the Pack for one night. So GO PACK GO. In all seriousness, I just hope for a great game with great comericals.
  11. My backfires were related to an exhaust leak. Once I fixed my exhaust/intake manifold gasket i've been good to go, not a single backfire.
  12. I don't, but just another thing not mentioned that IMO should knock off a bit of $ on the sale price. As ultimately it will effect how much I can part out to recoop my money.
  13. bleh ... dealing with some people = herding cats XJ is a 1990, Renix, Aw4, NP242. Basically a perfect donor for what I want to do to the MJ. However the vehicle on the whole has issues. It over heats, leaks ATF from coolant lines of trans, AC is broke, interior is busted, rust of doors, and its got very bad death wobble (reason for him selling, been parked since November). And at one time the jeep must have had some really bad oil leaks. Those were fixed by 'some guys' that evidently smoked a lot and left they're butts inside the jeep. But... I went on time, 1100, to look at it. Offered low amount, settled at fair amount $525, but he had to get the wife's approval. Suppose to hear back by 1 lateast 2. 1:45 I hear back with the word that the price is good, but he left for Richmond and won't be back until 4. Meanwhile had a friend in route as tow rig to be doing the deal at 2. Head to Hooters eat, drink, oogle. 4:00 he calls and says now he might be back 5:30ish or could be later. Meh. Also unavaible tomorrow. Meh Meh. Ball is in his court, I can't play games well. I honestly feel like I might just blow it off and spend the money on a home project or OBA on the TJ. I don't really need to do a 4wd/Auto swap on the truck.
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