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New Name Project SKY HIGH!

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when you get that bumper off, and the header and fender off, inspect extremely closely @ the driver's side frame rail to see if it crinkled over to the passenger side...the factory tow hook brackets should have helped keep it all in line but it's probably not quite straight anymore. that could mean you need to reinforce the frame rail around the steering box area, on top of straightening it out.



your inner fender is sure to be FUBAR. with a BFH and some elbow grease you *may* get it to straighten up a bit, but getting the fender/header/hood to all line up right is going to be interesting, to say the least.

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Any other good mods that u would suggest.




Sorry, I couldn't resist.


Accidents no matter how big or small, always suck. You can never get things lined up 100%.

If you were closer, I have everything you need to fix it.




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