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Most common OEM+ mods for the MJ?

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I'm looking for a list of mods for our MJs that are most common, and functional. My goal is to upgrade my '88, to a modern truck, while using the most OEM Jeep parts possible.


Some things I've picked up.

Brake booster (why?)

KJ rear discs brakes (stopping power!)

Bucket seats (more room?)



Help me figure out the rest image_209027.gif

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OEM parts interchanges on the (88') MJ:


01' XJ hood/fenders/header

01' doors

01' seats (required floor braces from 01'), rug

01' windshield & rubber gasket (instead of chrome trim)

01' radiator & puke bottle

01' MC/booster/prop valve

01' NV3550 & clutch mc/ 01' NP 231 (w/87' slipyoke)

01' 60th anniversary wheels (9er 16x7's)


92' YJ 4.0L (w/ renix sensors/flywheel/XJ motor mount brackets)


87' XJ ft axle(91-99 style rotors/unit bearings/calipers & knuckles)

87' XJ ft driveshaft


72' AMC Javelin rear driveshaft (shortened)


69' Dodge Charger rear axle (D60) w/11x2.5" drums,

67' OEM Dodge 4.56 gear set in above





Also has an 87' MJ cab corner & 87' (I think) Eliminator bed


Once you figure in the aftermarket stuff, and the metal that rotted out, and had to be replaced,

I'm thinking I'm down to about 25% original parts. :ack: :rotfl2:

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I like to swap in the XJ under dash lights and swap OUT the hokey cab lites in the B pillars to modern style like has been out lined a couple times here.


Loose the rear prop valve and swap in the 96+XJ booster and MC.


Also do the headlight wire loom upgrade along with some good H4 lenses and bulbs. HUGE improvement!!!



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the 97 + header isnt really "interchangable" i don't think, but it doesnt take much to put it on


It is a bolt on.

The header is a bolt-on, but the upper-outer corners are more rounded and don't match the sort of beveled profile of the early fenders. If you replace the fenders at the same time, that's not an issue. To imply that you can bolt on the header to the original fenders is misleading.


It can be done, but it requires some preparation. Basically, you fill in the hollow spaces in the back of the upper-outer corners of the header with bondo. Then you bolt on the header and shave the corners to match the profile of the fenders.


There's also a bit of work involved in mating the new style side marker lights to the older wiring harness.


I think anyone considering what can/should be done to an MJ in the context of this thread needs to first sit back and define the distinction between "upgrade" (make it better) and "change" (make it different). There are a LOT of things you can change using bolt-on or near-bolt-on parts, but in many cases (such as the header, for example) they don't add any functionality, they don't work any different or better than the old parts, so they aren't "upgrades."


If the goal is to make the vehicle more comfortable, more serviceable, and/or more convenient, it's important to zero in on the changes that actually accomplish one or more of those goals, and not waste money on stuff that's "different" but not "better."

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