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MJ rear bed fender flares are same as XJs????

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I'm looking for some advice. Last week I paint fixed the rear bed of my Comanche, and when looking for a replacement right rear fender flare, the MOPAR salesman told me that this part was discontinued years ago. I saw that the Cherokee fender flares look the same, but don't know if they fit my Comanche without modifications. Please, those who knows the answer, tell me if its possible to install the flares from a Cherokee, including the mounting brackets. I'll appreciate the help.


Jeep on!!!! :popcorn:


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Sure that the MJ rear wheel well is bigger that the Cherokee? Thanks for the advice, because I didn't notice that detail... In that case, I'll need to repair the actual fender flare, right? Or are there someone who sell one right flare with brackets in good conditions?? BTW, what means IIRC??


Again, thanks for the advice!! :waving:


pretty sure theyre different sizes.

eagle compared the two side by side not to long ago and the comanche one was alot higher/longer IIRC.

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The MJ rear fender flairs are bigger then XJ rear fender flairs..

I sold my last pair to an XJ guy so he could cut the XJ wheel well and put the MJ fair on and still make it look stock.


And sorry I do not have pic's and to get them would be 5 hours of driving



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I need to buy all 4 flares. The fronts are easy enough to come by, but I can't find the rears. Where can I buy the stock looking ones? Or is there a better alternative? My little MJ project is just getting started, and if I have to do any cutting before doing a paint job, I'd like to know. All advice appreciated.



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The Chrysler part numbers are:

5AG28JX9 (Right rear)

5AG29JX9 (Left rear)

They appear to still be available through http://www.chryslerpartsdirect.com/


About $58 each

Heh, heh ...


That's just the price for two flares. Each flare needs three (3) retainer plates with the studs. A set of three will set you back more than the cost of the flare. The studs are 5mm -- good luck finding 5mm flange nuts to put on 'em.


Unless you're looking to restore the truck, IMHO you're better off using Wrangler flares, or buying some of that universal stuff that JC Whitney sells in rolls.

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Thanks Bounty Hunter. I hadn't thought about that. The Bushwacker flares look good if you have a lift and big tires. That's not on the plan right now. And they're expensive..... close to $400. A little out of my price range.





u can get em cheaper thru rustys or ebay

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i only have the plastic flares on my 86. i then used stainless bolts, fender washers, and lock nuts to connect them. will get pics once i get my truck back from the shop.



I've seen that done. It works ... not quite as rigid as the factory installation and tends to collect a lot of gunk where you may not want a lot of gunk, but okay for wheeling.


However, the original question specified "including the mounting brackets" so I felt I should clarify that they are sold separately from the flares. The inner liners are also separate.

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I really appreciate all of you, specially to Eagle and Pete, the input received for this matter related to the flares. The alternative of searching them on the website "chyslerpartsdirect" sounds fine, i'll try the OEM, because even though the modifications looks awesome, like those bushwacker flares, I don't like to cut the wells. I like the MJ still looking stock, not modified. But if anyone knows how i can put bucket seats on my Comanche, without big modifications and too much soldering (and which seat are most recommendable), is welcome to contribute with their ideas!!!!


Thanks to all!!


Jeep on!!!!!

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Yopu can get stock MJ seats from A JY



Who/what is A JY?



If you do go OEM, here are the part numbers for the brackets (if you haven't found them yet).

55003232 Front Right

55003233 Front Left

55003234 Center (same both sides)

55003236 Rear Right

55003237 Rear Left

And they're $10.53 each so bank on ~$65 as Eagle stated earlier. Ahh the cost of staying stock. But I agree with you, I like the stock look. Good luck.

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