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So ill guess I will start off by introducing myself since this is my first post. Name is Adam, live in NC .. So I've Bought a 91 Comanche 4.0l AX-15 base model 2wd. Have had it for about half a year now. I purchased the truck locally found it on craigslist (which I'm addicted to) for $900 from the original owner. It has a great body, sporting the factory red paint minus some of the clear coat on the roof and hood. No rust since it has always been kept down south. I bought it in its original condition which was too plain for me so I started doing modifications the first day, including a new clutch set (why he sold it for so cheap). Graduating from Wyotech helps me keep all the repair cost to a minimum. and the fact my brother works at napa :) is great too.

The first week I had it I painted the front grille area and headlight bezels and replaced the 1 goofy side mirror with old chrome mirrors from by brothers XJ since he put the 97+ on his. and besides they were in almost perfect condition.

I ran those tires and wheels for 3 or so months before the michelins that were on them had less that 2/32 of tread and would spin taking off from a dead stop when wet barley giving it gas.

boy did I get all the ladies with it looking like this ...

While at the local pullapart I noticed an XJ that was hit in the front but had some aftermarket eagle alloys that were pretty nasty. I offered the guy 80 bucks and gladly took them off his hands. biggrin.png
an hour later first round of polishing was complete.

at this point I purchased some yoko geolander ht-s tires size 30-9.50x15 since I have had a good experince with the a/t's on my fullsize bronco. I knew the front would probally rub so after mounting them I went down to Tarheel 4wd in Charlotte and got a set of 2 inch spacers for the front. Fabricated some rear shackle extensions to level the back.


by that point I have wired up relays on the headlights made my own harness and made a 3rd relay control the recessed fog lights from a KJ bumper for $50 off craigslist. Spliced it into the factory wiring for the foglight switch. They are really bright and I love keeping it Jeep if at all posible.


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:cheers: The old interior had the factor vinyl flooring which was wet on the bottom from the windshield leaking around the seal. Thought about reusing it as it was very truck like and not having to worry about getting it dirty made it even better, after finding a small amount of surface rust on the floors I prepped the surface with wirewheel on a grinder and por-15 the rusty spots and area around. the proceeded to bed liner the rest of the floor for protection against rust and foot abuse. Since already owning a gun for bed liner which makes it alot faster and better looking I sprayed it down. after seeing the result I loved it and liked the no carpet look. and besides its not loud at all.




Then while searching craigslist once again I found some grand cherokee dark charcoal bucket seats with only 50k miles on it. for 50$ I had the seats + the rear one that I'm not sure to do with? anyone need one?

I started to make my own brackets since i didn't want to cut my old bench seat up because it was in usuable shape and wanted to see if I could sell it first. I got frustrated after the first one was mounted, i was not happy on how it turned out and didn't want to turn out another set of jumbled mess to secure the seat. So I went to my brothers comanche (currently fitting a 5.9l magnum engine in) knowing he did not want the bench seat cut his brackets off..haha sucker :) cut the crap brackets I made welded the bench seat ones to them and boom like magic bucket seats that were free, because anotherjeff bought my old bench. Thanks again





also got a new Alpine cd player, got the better gauge cluser with tach at pull part (put blue leds in), made gray vinyl door panels with new padding and b&m t handle shiftknob. most comfortable shifhandle I've ever used. you've got to get one if you haven't already. also installed some kenwood speakers with full grille.


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yes the mothers power mini ball works very well, except I do it with a pneumatic drill, doesn't take nearly as long that way. I've used all kinds of diffrent polishing compounds they all seam to be about the same. The ball wears out pretty quick though if put alot of force into it (like i had to for those wheels) I went through 2 balls on that set. mothers does make refill packs with 2 balls. the bigger ball works better if the wheels are not very oxidized. haha I said balls alot.


I'm up in Salisbury, did anyone go to the autofair today? I was dissapointed only saw 1 comanche... :(


thanks for all the complimets :)

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ohh had to edit seen u said you were from salisbury.....wondering how much you would do bedliner stuff for I'm thinking about spraying bedliner on my headliner and back interior peice and the floor ive heard in does wonders with insulating it and keeping it quite. tarheel is crazy expensive and my mechanic use to work there ..even with his discount I'm scared to even ask. thats what he did to his headliner.....


is funny i think I'm addicted to craigslist too ...my girl is hating it

i need my 97 brackets welded in so i can get some zj seat i saw some black leather ones i wanna see if they are still at this yard.


we should all take our comanches too the next one ...mine will be done by whenever it comes around for sure. they would probably get a lot of attention..who knows.

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well it would prob take 1 to 2 gallons of the stuff, its not as high quality as the 2 part line-X tarheel sprays, herculiner is still pretty good, only thing I wouldn't do it in is the bed, hah funny they say thats what its for. it does quiet it down a bit. Id have to look up the cost again on the bed liner I thinking I could do it for around $150-200. If you get the seats too id be glad to help you fit them if you have your old bench seat brackets to weld too.



definatly want to go show off my jeep next time autoshow rolls around, we should get all the MJs around and have a nice little section, that would be sick. be something different too.

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Youll have to let us all know next time autofair comes around if we want to make a Comanche showing. It wouldnt be a big deal at all for me to drive across 49 down to Charlotte. I may even have all my Wagoneer sheetmetal done by then too, and the 4x4 conv. ! There are a bunch of guys on here from the Charlotte area. We could make a pretty good showing if we all went!

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i do have my bench brackets ...ill be sure to keep them i was thinkin u had to use the 97 up seat brackets ...u got a pic of the leds in the instument panel? i put leds in my tj interior light i gotta do the rest of it.


oh i just looked to they expected over 150,000 people over the 4 days of the previous autofairs. thats prolly alot of people that didn't know a jeep comanche ever existed and if they did wouldn't believe they could end up looking as good as a lot of the comanche's that are on cc.com :cheers:

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Ok so I have done a few upgrades/repairs in the last few months.


Ill start off with the rear brakes. Wheel cylinder started leaking so figured it was a good time to change it all since the linings were contaminated.



While Breaking free the fittings they twisted the tubing. so that got new cunifer tubing. cunifer is easier to bend than stainless and will never rust like steel will. also can order it from napa. Had some left over from my dads Ford truck I'm restoring. Really great stuff. (http://www.fedhillusa.com/ info on it there)



New brake hardware kit too as some of my springs were broke. cleaned up everything real nice used never seize on the adjusters and backing plate where the shoes ride. Completed the project with all new dot4 fluid and bleed the brakes.



also have new flex lines (front and rear) Front calipers have already been changed. Everything was pretty much filled up with rust. Just goes to show the brake fluid is mostly always forgotten about untill its too late.

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Interior upgrades.

New professional recovered headliner after failed attempt on my own after 6 months the 3M glue failed.

Installed some sound deadening and insulation on underside of roof. Got rid of the flimsy sound.
$7 a roll at home depot. for duct insulation. worked very nicely. Dynamat is overly expensive.

New 98XJ sun visors with fancy lights. Spliced into the rear courtesy lights for 12v source.

Searched and searched for rear courtesy light replacements, found almost perfect fit without modifying hole at all. (google image search is the greatest) By almost perfect I mean only had to elongate hole by 1/8 of an inch. Exactly same as factory push to turn on, and ground when door is open to turn on. I am amazed its almost like they were made for replacement of these lights.


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they are A-7180 Interior Light


click on catalog and its under interior lighting


its easiest just to call to place the order, nice lady on the other end.


you have to order light with bezel.

(The whole assembly)


they ended up being $25 with shipping for the set.


you won't be dissapointed.

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