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cash for clunkers bill passed


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the cash for clunkers bill passed today the 90-92 Comanche is effected by the bill passage if they are traded for the voucher they will crush and shred them so better get all the parts you can before its too late

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I had read 86 and up, on vehicles getting combined EPA fuel mileage under 18MPG.

that would include all years of MJs with 2.8L or 4.0L engines


I read that before it passed so it could have changed.

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so, older than the "cut-in year" are "classics" then and worth something still?


man, this is ghey.



think about it....if EVERYONE with a semi-older vehicle turns it in on this, they're cutting out two generations of cars....meaning that when you want to buy a used car in the future, it will more still be expensive because it won't even be that old.



or is it the other way around? is 86 and up safe or scrap?

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It won't affect 90% of the vehicles out there... No cash is involved... only vouchers for the purchase of a NEW vehicle.


If you have an old Jeep sitting out back are you going to be that interested in turning it in on a $4500 voucher on a new Kia????


This is much to do about almost nothing... Yes there will be a few turned in.. but it will be statistically insignificant. Guys on here will have far more damage to the parts pool than this bit of nonsense does.


Now if they ever pass one handing cash out then we will have far more to worry about.

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the vehicle has to be newer then 85 or 86(ive seen both numbers) to be turned in.

it also has to have been licensed and insured for at least one year to qualify.


I think the dead line is this november for the voucher so you would have to of had the vehicle licensed to you and insured for 1 year prior to then.

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what is the deal with the parts? Are parts going to be obsolete/hard to get? I have a 92 Comanche and love it. No voucher for me. If parts are no longer going to be available because they are going to force us to buy new...this is going to be a problem. Can someone give me some insight...I have not read the bill, or do I dare to? Thanks guys



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Here's the AP story from our local paper =


http://www.buffalonews.com/nationalworl ... 08143.html


And a local story that "spells" out the requirements, where Most ppl don't qualify -




The way I read it.......if you turn in your old gas hog, if it qualifies, then the Junk Yard HAS to remove the engine and transmission and destroy it, not the whole vehicle.


I like how this bill was added to the $106 billion war spending bill :dunno:


Does this mean the Fed's at Government Motors want a war with the old gas hogs, just to sell there cars :hmm:


I'm not worried about parts, you shouldn't either, not alot of people are going to use this voucher :roll:

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From The Buffalo News link...

Q: What qualifies as a “clunker”?


A: The trade-in vehicle can be no older than a 1984 model and get 18 mpg or less in combined city/highway fuel economy. It also has to be registered and insured in one person’s name, and in use for at least a year.


Q: Which new vehicles are eligible under the program?


A: They must be priced at $45,000 or less. New passenger cars must get at least 22 mpg in city/highway fuel economy, and light trucks must get at least 18 mpg. Domestic and import brands are eligible.


Q: How do the vouchers work?


A: The money would be sent directly to the car dealer on your behalf. How much your voucher is worth depends on the combination of the fuel economy ratings for your trade-in and the new vehicle you are buying.


If the new car you buy has a federal fuel economy rating at least 4 mpg better than your trade-in’s, you qualify for a $3,500 voucher. If the new car is rated at least 10 mpg better, you qualify for the maximum $4,500.


It’s different for light duty trucks and SUVs. If the new one you buy has a fuel economy rating at least 2 mpg higher than the trade-in truck, you qualify for a $3,500 voucher; if the rating is least 5 mpg higher, you qualify for the full $4,500.


Q: What happens to the clunker trade-in?


A: The dealer has to send it to a scrap yard to have its engine and transmission destroyed.

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Vehicle Registration Fee Calculator


Transaction Date: June 21, 2009

Type of Calculation: New California Vehicle Purchase


Type of Vehicle: Off Highway Vehicle


Purchase Date: June 20, 2009

Purchase Price: $20,000.00


County: Contra Costa

Zip Code: 94519



Current California Highway Patrol: 8.00

Current Off Highway Vehicle Fee: 33.00

Current Off Highway Vehicle Service Fee: 7.00

Current Off Highway Vehicle License Fee: 4.00

Use/Sales Tax: 1,850.00


Total Registration Fees: $52.00


Total Use/Sales Tax: $1,850.00


Grand Total Registration Fees: $1,902.00




If you purchase a new vehicle in Contra Costa County California, the above is what it will cost for registration. They can take those fees and stuff them were the sun doesn't shine, out here the State is undoing (raising taxes) any kind fo tax break or incentive offered by the Feds. I know cash for clunkers out here will not really save anyone any money. I suspect most folks out here will be keeping their clunkers, I know I will!

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