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Took out the $400 RE XJ (pics)


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Just playing around with the fleet, and took my $400 XJ to work and gave 'er a look over. Greased it up, and soaked everything with some penetrant. Got to get it ready for the dismantling. But I discoed the swaybar, courtesy of the RE disco's :yes: , and ran it up the island behind public works. (I know, looks lame, not enough of an angle) Took some pics with my camera phone(ULTRA suprised at the quality, I was expecting them to be the size of a dime), here they are:



So here's the big question.... What size lift do you guys think this has? The PO swore up and down that he had the 5.5" lift. He said the shop manager where he worked ordered it, and just told RE that "He wanted everything to make it a 6" lift". List of things I found underneath:


(All RE stuff)

Lower Super Flex Control arms(have the ball joint)

Sway Bar disco's

New spring Packs in the rear

Springs up front

Shocks all the way around

Steel Braided Brake line in the rear?

Extended bumpstops


The sway bar, track bar, upper arms, all look to be stock. I know the 5.5" came with all of that. He did say he put it on about 2 years ago, but I would imagine things would be the same. Something tells me, that although he said 6", the RE site has a 3.5" kit, and the contents look similar to what is on the jeep. I just think it sits a little too tall to just be a 3.5"


:dunno: Any opinions or thoughts?


Rob L.

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:dunno: Eh, no worries. I have been looking at everything. The 3.5" Flex LCA's are the same PN as the 5.5" Flex LCA's.... So I have that. And the sway bar discos. Its not all bad. I also have the HO wiring and a spare AX15, 231, and a good set of BFG ATs. And the rest of the crap to part out when I am done. I think I have a set of 1.75 spacers for the front I could just add to the 3.5 to bring the front of the MJ up to 5.25". Then all I need is the UCA's, Trackbar, new ball bearing joints(to rebuild the lowers) and I should be right where I need to be with the rear SOA. I think I have heard I can run the stock Rear d/s with the SOA, and the front? Anyway. I think as of the moment, I just need a lower milage HO 4.0L to replace the tired 285,000 Mile :ack: HO in the XJ when I swap everything over to the '90 MJ. I would consider tossing a rebuild kit at the 4.0L, but I'd rather not screw anything up. Plus I don't have the t-guages, mictrometers, and hones to correctly measure and replace bearings. Still have the '96 with the 4.10's sitting underneath in the garage :brows: . So the short list of stuff to complete my build:


Newer 4.0L HO




Spring perches for rear



I think I am >


:thumbsup: Rob L.

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Gah, I had terrible luck with the RE SF Arms and would suggest replacing them ASAP. The rubber bushings would crack and cause weird drive line problems every 3-6 months. Been running the JKS arms on my rubi for 2 years with no issues.


Not a bad looking XJ there. $400 is not bad either!

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If the track-bar is stock.. there is no possible way that is a 5 inch anything lift.


I have a 3.5" RE on my XJ and it lifted mine about 4.5" when I first put it on and now has settled to about 4" after 2 years. The stock track would have the front axle drug over so far you could easily see the difference at 5-6"

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