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Dunno if this is tech (decaltech?): 401 badge > 4.0L decal?

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I always wanted to turn an AMC/Jeep 401 badge


into something like this 4.0L decal (for the MJ).



Quickly played with the 401 badge on Paint, looking for some input,


Am I on the right track?




Anyone wanna try to their own tweaks?


Figured with any luck, there'd even be a sticker guy here on the board. :D

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Talk with Spencer at JeepSticker.com. Great guy to work with and can do just about anything you want/need.

Thanks :thumbsup:


I saw that site before, and liked that he had MJ stuff


(new font Comanche door decals :cheers: )



Guess it's just a matter of nailing down the design.

I'm leaning towards the last one, but still need to work the "." in there somehow.

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Great idea's guys!

Thanks to everyone who helped tweek it so far :cheers:

(I knew I posted this for a reason :D )


I think the square "." is the way to go (better than trying to match the oval '0' of the 401 badge).


Hopefully I'll have time to play with this tomorrow, I'd like to keep some of the 401 badges' 3d background.


If it comes out nice (hopefully nicer than what I already posted ;) ) I'll post it up for anyone wanting to do the same.


james750, I'll be sure to check in with you on this too. image_209027.gif

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