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87 4.0 renix idles low

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The TPS is adjustable by loosening the two small bolts that hold it on and rotating the TPS up or down. You have to have a gauge hooked up to the back of the connector to read the voltage of the differnt wires. PM if you need the info from Alldata for an automatic.


However you're problem might be that your Vac lines from the VC are clogged. Take the line that runs from the back of the VC and disconnect it at the intake manifold. If your idle raises a good amount that line might just be plugged up with gunk. Blow compressed air thru it and remove your VC and clean out the ports that let the gasses escape. I'll PM you the info from Alldata for the TPS adjustment procedure or run a search on here and it's come up many times on how to do it.

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