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  1. The kit I installed from RC is of very good QUALITY. It is, however, a STIFF suspension. People seem to dog on them because it's the cool thing to say that their ride is "Rough", but it's simply stiff. When I've loaded the bed down with weight, it becomes a very enjoyable ride. I'm sure, as with any manufacture, there have been some bad apples in the past. I think people just repeat what they see online too much without the experience. Their customer service was also fantastic. I called just before 5pm and they answered no problem. I was missing a nut and they sent out a new leaf bolt kit right away. Companies get better than they were yesterday all of the time
  2. What would be the use purpose? Not sure the cost would justify the gains. You could stroke the 4.0 and achieve a lot of the same (except for MPG). Plus, LS & TDI motors are abundant and much lower cost comparatively. Just my thoughts anyway.
  3. I do like the chopped hatch feature
  4. Lots of them out there. Some good, most are cobbled together. I suppose you've got quite a few options for the rear cabin. Modified hatch, MJ rear window, open with soft top, etc... Generally see them with the MJ tailgate though. There was a thread on Cherokee Forum where lots of people posted theirs. https://www.cherokeeforum.com/f58/how-chop-back-your-xj-2365/
  5. Like a bobbed crewmanche but extended cab instead of crew-cab https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1069813050225005/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3Ab08e85d7-f180-4cf7-ba48-05ac6def1ce8
  6. Pretty sure from RA (been a while). Gates 31096 - Maybe I've got the wrong thing? Seals just fine...
  7. Hope there was a pre-sale photoshoot Looks great!
  8. I bought a new cap and that worked fine. Is there a separate problem keeping the leak? Just curious
  9. Did the nuts come off or the studs break? And how would they break?... But yeah, if studs broke then cut 'em off and weld on new ones or as mini said cut, drill, and bolt it in. (You'll need a 2nd person or some ingenuity like taping the head of the bolt...)
  10. I also 90% fixed the spare mount. Still need to crimp them together, but glad to have out of the bed. (I may have added a ratchet strap to help secure for now because I'm over-cautious...)
  11. AFAIK it is operated solely by the switch.
  12. Nope, obviously the harness is ready for it, but I do not.
  13. I won't say I didn't have to pony up for it, but it's a feature I'm very excited to add. Just wish it had the switch already... Won't be going on until truck painted though. I have to keep myself motivated somehow
  14. I agree, but I want to retain factory connections. Left is defrost and right is fog. I'm pretty sure the fog is the same as cargo though.
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