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  1. I didn’t want the build thread to end. Phenomenal work. I wish I had you’re budget/ability, and shop! Keep the pics coming. I love everything about you’re build.
  2. That really sucks. I hope whoever buys it can appreciate you’re talent and work that you put into it. 😔
  3. I just went through the build thread. You’re attention to detail is impressive and I love the build. Those seats are gunna look killer. Great touch in my opinion!
  4. I actually ended up keeping this cherokee together and fixed it up a bit. I sold my short bed Comanche to my brother and picked up this long bed up locally. It’s already obd2 swapped. Just need to button up a few things on it. I just haven’t had the time.
  5. That rear bumper is awesomeee def one of my favorites.
  6. It has everything I want to put into my comanche. OBD2, 4.0/Ax15, 8.8 with 4.10’s. Front clip Bottom of drivers door and rockers are also shot.
  7. Just wanted to start a thread for my build. It’s not going as fast as I want but I’m still making progress. I picked up my comanche off of the local Facebook for sale groups. It came online and within an hour of being posted I was at the guys house with cash. We struck a deal and it was mine and I was excited to start collecting parts. It already came with brand new rims. A lift and some 35’s. But the motor was shot and had no transfer case/trans. I was also in need of a short bed because this was rotted out but I was able to have a rust free one shipped up from Florida so I’m squared a
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