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  2. I run the Hella E codes in my CJ7. Worth the money.
  3. have been trying to figure this one out for a bit, not that hard obviously. My issue, i have been updating CC with my build thread every now and then. once updating CC i would copy my text and picture url's over to bcjeepclub.ca at somepoint the forum style changed and i can no longer display picture url's (ex. the photo bucket hosted ones) after submitting my post this has made it rather difficult to just copy and paste else where so i have not updated any where else because of this (yes I'm a bit lazy and do not want to relink everything one by one if not needed) is there something I'm not seeing? or has this feature been removed? thanks!
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  5. That’s what your ‘copilot’ will remember! Nice to bring along a little’Jeeper!’
  6. TheDude

    2.5 wiring harness

    If you want to stay OEM I have one from an 86 2.5 manual trans. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. It's hard to see unless you know. Search here on the forum or post on the tech page and someone can explain it better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I may of found part of the issue. This is the tune up kit I got when I bought the Jeep 3 years ago (can't believe it's been so long...) The resistance on the wires are 3000 OHMs according to the spreadsheet. From what I can tell our Renix wires are supposed to be around 1000 OHMs.
  9. Jumped in the Jeep on Thursday to leave a little early and turned the key and nothing 😡. Fan came on and the gauge said I had juice in the battery?? But not even a click when I turned the key. It is flipping too hot for this stuff to be happening. After checking everything I could think of I decided to push it across the street to the mechanics shop. That winded the hell out of me. He tested the starter and said it was bad. He did hit it with a hammer and I was able to get home and back to work on Friday. Like I said, way too hot for me to be working on the Jeep. For the price of the new starter and $30 to install, I felt good about having it done. I really does crank over now!
  10. Really? Ok, I guess I need to go take a better look at it. My 96 XJ crawler should be the same I would think. Any clue if you can still get that spring? I'll have to do some digging... Thanks, that would be a MUCH easier fix!!!
  11. Here’s what I have in the hood: $50 for a good used hood $50 materials in blasting $200 for the louvers $100 for the body shop $400 sounds like a lot of money,, I actually have more than that into it, I was being conservative with the numbers. Because I am a sandblasting contractor, I am showing only 50 for blasting material, no labor cost. Hope you like
  12. I'll take a build sheet! I put my MJ in the registry.
  13. For the signal, use a noid light. For the actual spray of the injector, not sure.
  14. That wild goose chase made me find a lot of issues I needed to sort out, so I didn't mind it at all! I have been doing some reading on the subject and am now curious about my spark plugs and wires. Lots of people reporting that the Renix 4.0 will have a weird idle with spark plug wires that are not "low resistance". Once I have money again I plan to replace my wires with the recommended type from one of the threads and see if that changes anything. How can I test my fuel injectors/the signal going to each injector?
  15. Pete is a good dude. Had a few encounters with him now. Always good company.
  16. We had the pleasure of having Pete and Brandon at the house this week/weekend. If you ever wondered who the man is... Here ya go! He is as genuine in real life as he is online. He is holding my grand daughter and Brandon's son. It was a great time and can't wait to get together with them again.
  17. Thank you. This is one subject rarely touched on here.
  18. Pirate, I found the same thread recently and have just started running T6, anxious to see if there is any noticeable difference after 2-3 oil changes, although my MJ never has really burned oil. I also add B&G MOA to all my vehicles (since they currently are all over 100k) as it was recommended to me by both a shop I use and the european used car dealer I have bought my cars from for 13yrs. A few years ago 2003 BMW 525 w/@165k on it at the time was burning a lot of oil and always had a nice puff of smoke under hard acceleration. After about 4 oil changes with a can of MOA, it had a very noticeable drop in oil consumption and all but a minor puff of smoke under WOT. Definitely a fan of MOA.
  19. Exhaust warped so much during welding that I could not clamp the rear on, but it is getting close to a driving state!
  20. Perfect, that's what I was looking for. Thanks, idk why it wasn't crossing my mind to cut the flange off the front pipe.
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