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  2. Minuit was looking. Hopefully he finds this.
  3. Looked for a part number, but only found the dreaded "china" and a paper gasket that has seen better days. Edit: Maybe this is an aftermarket replacement?
  4. Lol. I’ll have to do some investigating on those. I’m sure Delco makes it. If they do it is nice to have some sort of replacement. I searched for years trying to find a good replacement cap and never found one, till I discovered the old 5qt valvoline oil bottles fit decent with a good smack. Edit: The GM cape are still made. Search ACDelco RC77. But do buy OEM!
  5. I was afraid someone would ask this, haha. It was a later square body, not sure exactly. It was a Suburban, it might have been 88-90 range, when the pickups had already changed over to the new body style, but the Suburbans, Blazers, and 3+3 cabs were still square?
  6. Which Chevy truck? That’s neat you found a printed one. Those are from the Chrysler years.
  7. It should not affect your turn signal. Look at your fuse box. Do you have a blue or black box on the left side? If it is black, then the key buzzer was not active. See the eighth post in this thread:
  8. I’ve searched but can’t get an answer.. so I took a 98 XJ that had and auto trans and swapped into my 89 that I’m running a NV3550 in. I used my 89 flywheel/tone wheel and I’m having problems with it running and it won’t rev up. Does anyone know if it’s because the 3 wire crank sensor is not reading the 89 flywheel correctly? Or does it not matter? Thanks
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  10. Ah, thanks. It mustn't have been working to begin with then since it never buzzed for me.
  11. Seems like I saw someone post here on CC that they were looking for a 4cyl coolant bottle cap. Found one in a junkyard in SLC. It's not the prettiest. Also have the piece that sits in the bottle. I also discovered that a late 80's Chevy truck cap also threads on the MJ bottle. Either or both are for sale, $5 plus shipping from 65570.
  12. How many Renix do you have available? I just picked up 2 yesterday sensors and all. I figured I'd ask before posting them for sale if you were looking for more cores.
  13. They were all sold out shortly after this post. I think I got the last 2. Since they called me and sent a refund on the 3rd.
  14. That’s the “hey dummy, you left your key in the ignition “ warning buzzer contact switch. Many people remove it without a problem
  15. Wow that the best write-up for 97+ door swap! Very rich information.
  16. I've had a few electrical issues with the '90 eliminator I recently purchased, the relevant ones being that the hazards/brake lights were not working, the headlights couldn't be switched from high to low beams, and my left turn signal dash light would stay light when my running lights were on, but only when I wasn't signalling. Hazards/brakes turned out to be a fuze issue, and the headlight issue was from the sliding plastic piece that actuates the toggle switch was out of place. When I had my turn signal switch out of the way I notice this part (that I can't seem to identify) that was loose and cracked located right by the locking cylinder. When I inspected it, one of the arms broke off in my hand. My turn signal dash lights now work properly, but as he title reads my front driver's side blinker doesn't function at all anymore. The bulb isn't burnt, there isn't any corrosion or grease, and I'm not getting any power to the socket. Am I dealing with a bad socket? Did the part that I broke have something to do with it? I'm pretty new to all this as this is my first vehicle so any thoughts or advice are well appreciated.
  17. I actually have a key-part rocker panel for an XJ, looks like it's the only one with the taper. But I'm not completely drilling out all the spot welds do I'll have to graft the new one it and I've never really done bodywork.
  18. Looks good. I would get some chrome paint or silver paint and paint the yellow bulbs silver. They will still flash yellow but it gets rid of the "egg yoke" look with the lenses. I did that with my Comanche and really makes a difference to me that is.. But overall your Jepp looks Great!
  19. The bodies are in curiously good condition, especially with trucks not running. Who was the seller (not asking name) that had all that space?
  20. contact Minuit in the vendor's classifieds forum.
  21. It goes to the diagnostic port on the fire wall for the 86’s and fender for the 87-90’s
  22. What is the other end of the cable hooked to?
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