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WHich 4.5 Lift to choose

What Lift to look further into  

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  1. 1. What Lift to look further into

    • Rustys Off road
    • Motion Off road

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Right now I'm looking for a lift for my Comanche with intent to buy after the summer ( Student) Right now I'm stuck between two choices Motion offroad and Rustys Offroad.


Rustys ---


The Rusty's 4.5" MJ suspension kit is a complete kit, everything needed to easily install a 32"" tire. Rusty's has put together a package using soft spring rates & specific valve shocks, that will give you superior on road handling as well as world wide off road capabilities. This kit is a complete bolt on kit, no welding.


* 2 - 4.5" Front Coil Springs

* 2 - 4.5" Rear MJ Spring Packs

* Front Adjustable Trac Bar

* Lower Control Arms

* Transfer Case Drop Kit

* Brake Line Extension Kit

* Front Sway Bar Extensions

* 4 - U-bolts

* 1pr - spring axle shims

* 4 - Rusty's Hydraulic Shocks

* Complete Instruction


700 bucks



Motion offroad


Looking for the ultimate Jeep MJ Comanche Lift Kit? Look no further! This system offers owners a complete system that converts the MJ into an incredible trail-ready vehicle. This kit is a hybrid kit that we've put together to make the ultimate MJ lift kit available. We've addressed all the factors of lifting the MJ with this kit. Kit comes with adjustable lower control arms, front lift coils, swaybar quick disco's, new rear leaf packs, adjustable tracbar, extended brakelines, and bumpstops. You can clear 33" tires with this lift kit.





* Motion Offroad 4.5" Lift Coils

* Motion Offroad Adjustable Lower Control Arms

* Motion Offroad Swaybar Quick Disco's

* Motion Offroad 4.5" Rear Leaf Pack

* Motion Offroad Adjustable Tracbar

* Motion Offroad Extended Stainless Brake Lines

* Front Coil Bumpstops

* This kit is 100% bolt on application!


1,100 Bucks



Both kits are bolt on

Both Kits are complete spring packs :)


Rustys Kit Is Cheaper and has Shocks encluded


Motion has bumpstops And is missing Shocks For 400 More


What would you guys choose

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Shocks For 400 More

We have shock sets for as cheap as $167. Our shock kits include 4 shocks; not 2. ;)


The reason our kit's don't include shocks is simply due to the fact customer's are picky. We figured we'd let them decide on what they wanted instead of us throwing in a "cheap" set and the customer wanting a nicer set. It's easier to just not include them and let the customer choose what they want. 8)

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go with motion , Rustys kit is garbage Trust me I bought it and the hole kit just sucks . MY MJ leans to the front DS and the rear springs won't hold any real weight should you decide to use the MJ as a truck.

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with a comanche, a transfercase drop especially at a 4.5" lift is ridiculous to even consider. there is no need. also if you don't drop the t-case, you don't need to pitch the angle of the axle pinion up as the degree of function doesn't change.


if you experience any vibes at that lift from your rear driveshaft, get a YJ slip-yoke, or do the next upgrade (best option) with a slip-yoke-eliminator.


motion offroad. $$$ well spent.

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Definitely Motion. I have never heard much good about the Rusty's lift kits from anyone. I have two friends that have used them and were completely disappointed, not to mention pissed off, with the results. ;)

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I have bought stuff from both companies. Rusty's customer service sucks, and his shipping times are at best variable. On the other hand Adam (motion Offroad) took the time with me to figure out what I wanted. Then he looked up the kit, and it said it wasnt for compatable with my trans... so while on the phone tape measures on both ends, we figued out what had to be done to make it work. Try getting that kind of service from Rusty's.

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