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Hey all my name is Bryan and I am new here so I figured I would introduce myself. Married with 2 kids, and I love wheeling. I live out in WA and I have been in the Army for 17 years (3 to go!!!)


I don't own a Comanche as of yet but tomorrow I am picking one up.


Actually I am getting Galford's Comanche. Presently I have a pretty well built 198 TJ that is for sale.


Look forward to being here and I will have some questions I can assure you.



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Welcome to the club... MY suggestions are stay off the tan couch.. beers in the fridge.... :popcorn: sit back and enjoy the happy place we have here.


If you have questions ask.. everyone is friendly.... most of the time ;)

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Thanks fellas. Yeah after 17 years I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.


I am pretty Jeep savvy and do pretty much all my own work except for gear set ups. One of the first things I will be doing to the MJ is armoring the snot out of it with new bumpers and rockers. An 8.8 is on the menu as well and it will run 4.88s at some point.

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Thanks for the warm welcomes. Yeah I ran an Opfor team for quite some time here at Ft Lewis. Three years to go and I will be retired so I am stoked.


Anyways I did get Galford's MJ and here she is right now:

Still have a long way to go though.

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Like your screen name. I was in the OPFOR at the NTC 12/83-4/85. AT 6/31 INF. Still have the uniform. Welcome brother. :USAflag:




You guys kelp waking me up with artillery simulators... :roll:

We about flipped a 5ton going down that big arse hill back to the motor pool... lack of sleep I guess... :redX:



Op4guy,,, you have arrived at the greatest site on he planet...........

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Thanks guys I have a long list of things I need to do to this.

-fix the clutch issue (think it's the pedal)

-finish up the brakes (banjo bolts tomorrow)

-convert to power steering

-Get an 8.8 in 4.10 and install (brackets are ordered and axle should be about a week out)

-Install the Aussie in the 8.8

-D30 with 4.10s

-Tom Woods kit

-build some rock rails


Then it will be mostly worthy and ready to go. Plan is 4.88s within a year.

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