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NOS 89 4.0 195 Thermostat

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1 hour ago, saveevryjp1998 said:

I always encourage people to test them first in a pot of water of the stove. It's easy to do and a foolish thing not to if your going low budget chain box store brands. Most the faulty ones will stick or get caught up. Just like alternators, never trust a single reading. Do it several times to make sure it's consistent without any failures. I've had pretty decent luck with Murray from O'Reilly's over the years. If your system is full of garbage though, it won't matter since any brand will eventually stick from the crud rust and who knows what lazy leak fix from prior owners over the years. It's amazing how many turd heaps I've bought that the head looks worse inside than the scrap pile of used drums and rotors at a salvage yard. Lol the floor pans looked better even if they were gone here in the rust belt.

I do test them and my coolant system is spotless haha. Went through the entire thing when I pulled the truck out of the barn it was in. It worked fine for over a year and no randomly sticks. It’s a motorad thermostat. Guess I’ll try another and see how it goes. 

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On 1/21/2023 at 8:18 AM, eaglescout526 said:

Oh I know, but the OP was having issues locating OEM with the number. 

Just an FYI. I found one I had NOS on the shelf. It was the kit with gaskets etc. the Mopar design is completely different from the Motorad I had in the truck. I’m sure things changed a little in the past 30 years but some key design features were not in the Motorad. I found that pretty interesting. I also swapped the CTS to the gooseneck yesterday.  What I found on the Motorad is that it had a rubber stopped on the plunger that would swell slightly and stick. It wasn’t noticeable to the eye but measuring it definitely showed a difference from a new one to a used one.  

again thanks for all the help as always. This place is amazing. 

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1 hour ago, Pete M said:

moved to Tech for the obvious tech-y reasons. :D 

Haha. Yeah that went sideways fast 😂. I wish I had taken pics of the thermostats. I picked up the kit off eBay a year or so ago for $15. 

on a side note the CTS relocation is doing great. 



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2 hours ago, cruiser54 said:

The aftermarket MotoRad stats are not the same as the MOPAR MotoRad stats.

I believe the suffix on the part number, the AC, the AD, only indicates the gasket selection included. 

Any 83501426XX will have the stat you're looking for. 

You are correct. The kit I had was AC designation. The NOS has the weep hole to help bleed the system. It also has a metal stopper instead of runner and a higher coil count spring.  NOS also tells you which side is up and which side faces the radiator 😂 

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