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starting a 4.0 on an engine run stand

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1 hour ago, cruiser54 said:

why? Can't you just install it and do the same? 

Concern is doing too much at once. Converting the Comanche from its current state of Renix 2wd 4cyl to OBD1 4wd 6cyl, and sorting out the various bugs along the way. With a fresh rebuild I want it to start and quickly get it up to RPM for proper break-in. Don't want to mess with cranking and finding a no spark/fuel/sensor failure condition.

Another build I'm working on is a Ford 351c which will be comparatively easy to fire up on the test stand. Figure since the test stand will be available, might as well put it to use. I hate finding leaks later. 


Or I could just be over-thinking it. 

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You'd need a wiring harness and ECU to run it, same as if it were in the truck. If you want to run it long enough to break it in, you'll need a radiator as well. Unless you have a stand already I don't see much advantage to doing it separately, either, other than the novelty of running an engine outside of the truck.

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Only real advantage to running the engine on a stand is if you are planning to dyno tune it and swap/mod internals before installing. I suppose if you were doing some experimental engine work it also makes sense to run it on a stand. As was mentioned though, you would need harness, ecu, fuel, radiator etc. 

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Good points about not really needing a stand for my 4.0

I think my project scope is changing a little here. Wife rolled her eyes tonight when I said I need a running/driving donor vehicle instead of the parts Jeep currently in the driveway.

When she rolls her eyes, I take that as a hesitant yes lol 


who needs money anyways...

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