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guess I'm part of the 21 club now :)

Pete M

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2 hours ago, Vandenborg1 said:

Did you purchase a truck for the Tailgate too lol


that's my NOS 'gate.  :D  I drove a total of 30 hours to fetch the item I was trading for it and then to go get the 'gate itself.  no money exchanged hands, but man did I earn it. :crazy:  

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56 minutes ago, JMO413 said:

Truck for a grill sounds like addiction to me. LOL



I mean, I got a whole truck too. :laugh:  well, most of a truck.  actually more like just a shell of a truck... that I had to supply a front axle...  and it was filled with trash. :doh:  but it was cheap, so it's now mine (as soon as I go fetch it). 


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