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making my own custom seat covers and visors

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if you're doing a bench, it'll forever be compared to Raybuck, so keep that in mind when thinking about pricing or specific offerings of colors/textures/etc.   :L:  unless Raybuck doesn't make covers for the straight edge benches, in which case you'll be compared to local upholstery shops. 

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Beltline (or belt rail) moldings are the seal on the door where that your window glass slides down through. On my truck, they are brittle, broken and missing pieces. They might keep water out of my doors if they were flexible.


I got new ones in a kit from OC Auto Carpets.


I was responding to Mr. Beast, but your post popped in between.

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1 minute ago, SatiricalHen said:

For the right price I’d be interested in a bench cover. Been meaning to get mine reupholstered, but been lazy/cheap. I’d also like to add headrests, but that most likely will not happen.

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Ive been thinking about adding headrests as well 

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