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Front Axle outer spline shaft help!!!

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I'd mix up a small batch of ATF and acetone.  Let it sitting the way it is and pour a bunch of it over the axle stub and let it sit for a few hours/overnight.  Then try carefully tapping the stub (thread the axle nut back on flush with the end so you don't peen over the threads.

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You will need to create a small "lake" of PB Blaster or the like around where the nut would normally seat on the hub.  This will allow gravity to help the PB Blaster to seep down into the splines.


Heat will be tricky, because the only area you can really get the heat to transfer through is the part the splines of the hub.  If you apply heat to the parts further down, it must travel through the bearings themselves, and that's a very small path, with lots of resistance to heat flow.


What sort of heat are you using?   On parts that big, you need to be using an oxy-acetylene torch.   Anything less won't apply enough heat fast enough to get the hub splines to expand away from the axle shaft.

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Acetylene torch. I will pick up some acetone and try the ATF & Acetone trick. Today I was given a Drivers side axle assembly, So I was able to install a new hub and U-joint and utilize the gifted spline shaft. Tomorrow I will try soaking the one I pulled out and see if the AtF mixture works. The blaster didn't phase it.

Thanks for all your help!

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