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Name Plates

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When I got my MJ in june the original name plates on the side of the truck were half@$$ broken off, the previous owner said somebody tried to steal them, any way he gave me 2 new ones he had and i want to know the best way to attach them on the truck, they aren't new, they came of another truck so they still got the tar stuff on them.

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There's a special 2-sided tape for this purpose. If there's a professional auto paint shop near you, they will certainly have it. If not, try the chains like Auto Zone, Advance/Shucks/Checkers, or Pep Boys.

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Shreek!!! Advanced is not related!!!

We are Checkers/Schuck's/Kragens and Murray's!!!

People drive me crazy when they ask us to check Autozone's inventory when we're in the system cause they think we're linked.


And, yeah, you can get that glue or a double sided tape that will work from any chain parts house.

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