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Just a quick shout out to all you Comanche Club contributors for the tons of help you've unknowingly given me over the years.  Comancheclub has been my goto for the many, many projects my Heep has given me over the years.  Even though I just registered as a user of the site, I've been using it for years.  A short list of the projects I've completed, most of which with the help from ya'll:


  1. Instrument gauge cluster swap.  I found a Grand Wagoneer cluster on Ebay for like $60, which looked to be a hella good deal.  I spiced it up with some blue LED lights, and was finally able to get it working right after I found the adjustment for the tachometer.  The OEM gauges were stupid with a huge gas gauge and only idiot lights for the battery, coolant temp, etc.
  2. Gear shifting knob replaced with an 8 ball.  Not as easy as it sounds...
  3. Custom steering wheel.  A few challenges, but I was able to get the center Jeep logo moved over from the factory wheel.
  4. Renix Rem II monitoring tool added.  Thanks Nick!  Looks cool and with the custom color feature I was able to match my gauge cluster blue led's
  5. New rear leaf springs
  6. New rims and tires
  7. New shocks all around.
  8. Some huge steer horns added to the front hood.  And that ain't no BS!
  9. Re-manufactured long block.  That one hurt. 
  10. Grounding an electrical connector fixes galore.
  11. Sensor troubleshooting and replacement.
  12. New water pump.
  13. New alternator.
  14. New clutch.  I farmed that one out as well I guess.
  15. New transfer case.  Also a wee bit painful.
  16. New radio head unit, speakers, and subwoofer with amp.
  17. New muffler.
  18. New windshield that doesn't leak.

Again, just wanted to say thanks for all of the help.  It's made what could have been a painful journey both fun and educational.



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