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Wire with 2 prongs next to seat belt retractor, where does it go?

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Its on a 94 xj I just picked up.  I pulled the interior out to weld in new floors, and am putting it back together.  There is a wire coming off the wiring harness that runs along the floor boards on both sides with a 2 terminal plug pigtail right where the seatbelt retractors are.  I can't remember what it went to, doesn't look like there is a spot on the seat belt retractor to plug it in.  Anyone know? 


I am not talking about the pigtail that goes to the female end of the seatbelt on top of the tunnel.

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I think the seatbelt warning wiring is only a single spade connector since it grounds through the vehicle.  I could be wrong though. 


Do you remember ever unplugging that when removing the carpet?

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