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Air Deflector (below front bumper)

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You could just use a nut and bolt with washers, just make sure to use stainless.


You may be able to find plastic clips of some kind at the parts store that would work.  I'm sure a ziptie would work as well.

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1 hour ago, eaglescout526 said:

Just used bolts with washers and nuts. Don’t just use bolts and nuts as if you over tighten them you will leave an imprint of the nut and bolt and it will look bad. 

It's bolting through plastic so you'd want to use a nylock nut and yeah just go until the plastic is lined up, no torque on it whatsoever.

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I use the plastic push pins, or whatever they are called.  They work well.  Sourced from the junkyard, but can't remember from what, exactly.  I know Chevy trucks 99-2006 use a similar clip on the plastic shroud over the radiator, under the hood.  Whatever these came from, they fit perfectly.



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