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Parts to lookout for.

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As a few of the more vetted folks on here have brought to my attention. Parts are becoming more and more hard to find. With offroading/ overlanding, and XJ's becoming more popular, simple supply and demand is bound to catch up. I wanted to ask all of you what parts do all really keep an eye for. Ones that may be a more specialized in the future. Little things are usually the first to stop being reproduced. I hope to have a discussion of parts youve had to replace multiple times do to wear and tare or just simply design failure. 


Here is what I have in my notes so far,


OEM Factory Accessories of any kind - ex: Sports Bar

Door Trim

Complete Rear end of truck - ex: Rear Lights / Tailgate





Really most of the interior is desirable. 


Factory Radio


Bucket Seat brackets

Door Handles

Shift Boot

Relays ex: sentinel lights 




fusebox cover 




from the rear window all the way to the bumper is difficult to obtain. These possibly should be cosmetic priorities?




what are some must haves for a MJ owner. 

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The five piece grill set up is starting to get hard to find. I know the chrome marker bezels are reproduced but not black. 

As you said interior is desirable but pretty much everything from the door and back is unique and should be a must snag and don’t forget the drip rails. Under hood lamp and Renix 2.5L stuff is disappearing faster than the 4.0L 

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Renix 2.5 stuff, as mentioned.  Especially the engine sensors.  AX-15 related parts (including the trans itself)....crossmember, shift rods/linkages and brackets (especially the bracket bolted to the trans tunnel), spare tire jack, tailgate latches, bucket seat floor brackets, fuel pump assemblies, tow hooks/brackets, rear window sliders.



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I used to only look for "upgrades" like courtesy lights or fancy door panels.  Now I think about wear items and all the little things that break with time.  :(  It's a lot less exciting than finding a rollbar, but a non-busted up dash is super hard to find in a junkyard around me.

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I used to have a big list, but I've replaced it with the above.


There are certain things that I will grab 100% of the time without even needing to think about it. Electronics are a big one - Radios and radio accessories are an obvious one because of my particular specialty, but not just radios. Clocks, overhead console modules, Renix cruise control stuff if I ever find it. I have a bag of special test harnesses I made to test most electronic things in Jeeps of this period in the junkyard. Seat upholstery is probably the most recent addition to that list - from now on, I will skin any wingback XJ bucket seat I come across that is not torn regardless of fabric or color as long as I know the junkyard won't yell at me for doing it. If not, I'll buy the whole seat and tear it apart at home. If I can't use it, someone else will appreciate it.

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Sun visor clips... Found 2 different models from Jeep XJs and still won't fit my MJ sun visors. Geez, how many variations do you need for such a stupid part??? Opening vent windows if the metal bits aren't rotten, especially the lock handle "button"...  Chevy handles will work but are a bit different and expensive IMO. Early 242 transfer cases with the 4x4 switch on the back; I have a 96 case with the switch on top, and it hits my 4x4 shifter. Front tow hooks for sure. All metal trim pieces that are in good shape: grille, windshield and windows. Good condition remote side mirrors. Select trac shifter bezel 1996 and down, really hard to find. And last but not least, factory emblems and nameplates.

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