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Has anyone put a turbo on the i4

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12 hours ago, NwiComanche said:

So I recently purchased a 1989 inline 4 


when you get a chance, you should put your truck's specs in your signature. :L: 


what size tires are what gearing are you at now?

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You need the engine and dash harnesses from an MPFI MJ/XJ, the ECM, gauge cluster, fuel pump/sending unit, fuel lines,flywheel, a complete MPFI engine and pretty much everything that plugs into it, and a few other things.


It's much easier to put in a complete MPFI 2.5l, but you could strip your TBI 2.5l down and redress it as an MPFI.


It's a pretty big project and rarely done, which is why you don't see much information on the swap.



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