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Misaligned brakes?

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What would cause the pads or caliper to walk off center? 


The pad shown seems to be walking away from the center of the rotor.



Here you can see the pin on top away from the groove.




And here the pad on the right starting to leave the rotor. Whereas the left is perfectly centered still.



Thoughts? Dangerous? Pads and calipers are newer. Everything else is part of a 97 swap. Pads/calipers were purchased as 97 cherokee to match the front diff.

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47 minutes ago, Pete M said:

it's been a while since I've done brakes of that era, but shouldn't there be a little peg that goes into the retaining hole?  something needs to keep it from spinning out due to the centripetal force.


like this:


Yes there is. It isn't much but it's in the hole. Shown here.

I checked it earlier. It's almost like the calipers warped? Idk staring at it for so long has me thinking weird things.

1 hour ago, Wounded_Fighter said:




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2 hours ago, Strokermjcomanche said:

You have the pads on the opposite side , in petes picture you can see where if you had the boxed in side at the top the pads and caliper would have nowhere to go. 



it's so obvious now.  :doh:

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1 hour ago, Strokermjcomanche said:

See how the boxed end are on opposite sides? If your brake pad number has a 477 in it it should look like this . Very easy to overlook... 

I've always seen brakes with the groove both on one side and the flat on one side and never seen it walk like that.


1 hour ago, Ωhm said:

Isn't something suppose to be in that groove on the caliper?

Like to hold both flats against the caliper? I thought so but neither the pads nor the caliper came with any retainer.

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11 hours ago, JMO413 said:

Just looking through this, do you just need to rotate the pads? (Make the inner the outer)The end of the pads with the u should be on top. 

The inner and outer pads have different anti-rattle springs riveted to them.

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