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Ratricha the 88 Pioneer

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Another good day in the garage. Finally decided to do the C101 delete. I now feel a little dumb for spending 3 hours or so cleaning it. It took less time to just delete it. I think my idle is even a little smoother now. It felt a little weird soldering wires together that aren't the same color. Minus that and 4 wires that don't have a mate it was quite easy. 


There wonderful C101.


Wire cutters, wire strippers, soldering gun, solder, heat shrink, 1/4 socket,8MM socket, flat screw driver, ratchet, and something to heat the heat shrink. 


There power steering pump holds a soldering gun like it was meant to be.



Half way mark.




I would definitely recommend removing it instead of cleaning it!


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Had some time last night to work in the truck. Decided to move the vacuum reservoir/ replace the vacuum reservoir The truck originally had cruise and I couldn't find the correct speedometer cable so no need for the dual reservoir. My main goal was to have less vacuum hose for less areas to leak. I mounted it under the coolant pressure bottle. I also installed my new to me relay cover. It really cleans up the engine competent. I also covered all the wires in convoluted tubing to clean up the engine compartment.IMG_20190309_164157124.jpg.2e9e2f441e69a3a2f381cf1692a6a481.jpg

There old and then new. 


There new reservoir was for a 88 S-10. 


You almost can't see it.


I can't believe how much better this looks with the cover. Thank you 88mjsally!

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Back when I cleaned my IAT sensor it was nasty. It bothered me I couldn't buy a replacement if I needed too! I read on here you could use a AcDelco sensor. It does work perfect. I bought the sensor and both pigtails do I could leave the stock sensor intact. I also installed the new one in the air box. The two pigtails spliced together is the perfect length. After I installed it I hooked up my MT2500 and the sensor reads dead on with actual temp.


Standard S650 Renix side pigtail

ACDELCO PT307 sensor side pig

ACDELCO 213-190 IAT Sensor


Harness from Renix to AcDelco sensor.


Perfect length. 


5/8 hole in the air cleaner lid and the sensor screws in perfectly. 

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I need to go through and put split loom and tape on all my wiring. The factory stuff is missing, brittle or worn through.

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I have split loom everywhere in my garage. Menards is my favorite place to buy it very cheap! I always grab some when I walk through the electrical isle. It's my 4 year olds favorite store. This corner used to drive me nuts! $5 later and so much better.


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$10 and now my foot won't slip off either pedal when it's wet. Dorman 20780.IMG_20190313_191241938.jpg.39f15bb286ead707151f30260c968ef4.jpgIMG_20190313_191412943.jpg.ba2f6caee1a83d74dc48d3004a022269.jpg

The brake pedal was tore up pretty bad.



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Finally built some battery cables today. I finally believe I am done with running grounds. I have a 2 gauge to the block, a 6 gauge to the frame rail, a 6 gauge to the header panel, and a 4 gauge from the intake to the firewall. I have also added the extra ground to the blower motor, an extra under the dash, one at the fuel pump, and a real one at the tail lights. I am about due for another tube of Oxguard. 



I really like the military style battery terminals!



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Found the outer window seal I bought at sometime cleaning the garage today. They are super easy to change. If you roll the window down and just pry up they pop of the 3 retainers. Should help to keep water out. They also look much better than the old cracked brittle ones that were there.IMG_20190317_171228535.jpg.6ba26893e263fd2d973012268dc55d10.jpg

The drivers side had chunks missing.


Passengers side wasn't any better.



They both required a little trimming. They are close to correct just not perfect. IMG_20190317_172655904.jpg.78d114c2ed8abcffd35d975ea9609a95.jpg

They look so much better!


Well worth $20 and 20 minutes.

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Noticed the truck was marking it's territory again. The power steering pressure line was leaking. While I was changing that I put in my new fan shroud. They are still readily available from Mopar. My old one was cracked and when I took it out it broke into pieces.


There old pressure hose didn't want to come out. The pipe was rusted into the fitting.

IMG_20190320_193405122.jpg.80ebc6e70ee7ecb923819082c0589b07.jpgIMG_20190320_205321844.jpg.bfec940088300546b48bd4670c10e98c.jpgThe new hose looks out off place it's too clean.



There new shroud sticker is a little different. But it fits perfect.


The old shroud was definitely game over.

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