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Need clutch pedal help.

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Driving home from work today my clutch pedal became spongy. The clutch is engaging as soon as I lift my foot up when shifting and it is getting worse. When I got home I checked the resevoir and it was empty so I filled it back up, but the pedal is the same. I'm not having any trouble shifting the tranny.


What's going on? How can I fix it?

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John, check for any leaks, wet spots or anything anywhere along the line, down to the bellhousing. You may have a bad slave cyl coming fast.


Also, if it's spongy, I'd be willing to bet you have air in the line, which gives it room to compress before it compresses the liquid.

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Check the bleeder valve for the Clutch, and try giving the system a good bleed while your at it.


This happend to me once on my YJ.


If thats doesn't do it, I think you gonna need new slave cylinder in that baby.




O.K. I'm a clutch retard. Where is the bleeder valve?

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In the past I sorta didn't even need a clutch for those things. :D Just put it in gear, turn the key and keep cranking. The starter will move the truck forward and eventually the engine will fire and you're on your way. jamminz.gif


I did that for the past 3 weeks to and from work, plus I'm moving. Then I tried some cooking oil in the clutch master (I'm going auto, so it doesn't matter) and it WORKED! I was totally amazed it stopped the leak pretty much by the third fill up.


My uncle had mentioned it to me years ago.

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Sounds like its internal so of course you'll have to drop the whole shebang to get to it. Just be careful when you let it all down. Once you get the tranny&t-case on the ground, the slave cyl is EASY to swap out. Just disconnect the lines to it (you will have to this so you can drop the setup down to the ground) and take off the retaining ring thing on it and pop the new one and its new ring on. Easy as pie. Make sure you grease the input shaft of the tranny up when you put it all back in and if you planned on putting in a new clutch, this would be the time to do it. New slave cyls come with clutch kits... Have fun. ;)

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