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Comanche bed cover question.

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You don't say where you are located or how far you are willing to travel.

But a few suggestions.

1). Craigslist

2). Used shell/topper dealers.

3). Talk to a couple of local body shops, how do they locate old shells for insurance jobs.

4). Comanche club for sale and wanted ads.look at all the old ones, may still be available.


Hopefully this will help 

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Are you looking for the canopy, or a toneau type cover?

Theres a thread on here that has tons of photos, also some ideas on trucks to source canopies from, as no manufacturer markets MJ canopies anymore. 

I also encountered a website a few years back that claimed to carry toneau covers, both hard and soft. I'll have to do some digging when I get home, see if I can find it again. 

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