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Cold Air Intake

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So the new Comanche I bought has a V8 swap in it with a whole bunch of Novak stuff in it.  Glad I bought it that way cause I don't have the time to make it happen right now (I'll blame it on that and vice my inability).  Unfortunately the air intake bolt sticks up a little too high, and although it hasn't punched a hole through the hood - it tried. Does anyone know if a cold air intake system would work on a 350 V8 in the engine compartment?  or am I just SOL and cut a hole for the bolt?  

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I am guessing this is not FI. What airfilter housing is on it now? I put a Performer intake on my '75 Bricklin. I used to have a Street Master. It raised the airfilter housing a bunch. I had to put an 8 inch or so on it. I finally went with a Moroso. It drops down. Take a look at them.

Anotehr option is I think they make a top or fitting that is low profile to remote the filter.

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I am assuming you can close the hood with some sort of air cleaner you have on it. the main thing is you using a carb or a throttle body ? if it is a carb I would say not to worry unless you going to do a scoop. Now if your using a thottlebody fi system, I am sure you can fab up a l bracket then a tube to a cold air box. They do sell 90 degree rubber elbows you could use. you may have to be inventive on how it is held down to the top of the throttle body. maybe as easy as using a large diameter hose clamp or getting the bend pipe or rubber to be held down with rubber stiff washers.


little more info or pictures would help. Never SOL there is always away. If you have one of those short short wide air cleaners, I would look at a scoop.

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On 3/14/2018 at 1:25 PM, HOrnbrod said:

No clue what you're driving and how it's set up. Consider adding a signature so everyone doesn't have to guess and/or assume.




Please, please, please do this. Especially since your MJ has a non-stock engine swap. We have no idea what's going on under your hood until you give us some more info. Especially since you have an engine swap we need all the details you can give us.

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17 minutes ago, redhornet122 said:

Sorry. I’m a new guy. I’ll post w pics next time


the CC software can host you pics for you.  just drag them right off your computer into your text box. :L:  (or click on the load button if it's on a phone)


also, start yourself a build thread so we can see all the details!  :D  

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