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I'm about to go into debt!!!


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My current truck is absolutely beautiful. I'm a bit biased though. There is one major issue with it and it isn't the transmission. I already had that built.

My issue is the Mega Cab has a terrible cargo carrying capacity. It think it is like 1200#. Throw on a long bed and 22" of frame, drive shaft and exhaust and I have NO capacity.
We want a truck camper but with Meg's limited capacity we don't have a lot of choices on campers. I don't want a Class C and a 5th wheel is out of the question because of our boat.
I have come to the conclusion I am buying a Ram 5500, having a custom utility bed made and throwing a Eagle Cap 1165 on it.
I am retiring in July from the Marines and moving back to Georgia. Yes it's true. The MJ is already on it's way back and should be there Tuesday. I can't wait to get back east and start the build on this thing!










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We are between the 1165 and 1200


She wants the king bed and center bath. 1200

I want the queen with oven.  1165


The 1200 only has a convection oven.

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What are some of the advantages of going this route vs class C?  
At first glance, that rig doesn't look to be the best tool for any of it's intended applications.  Doesn't really seem much cheaper than Class C either.  How big of a boat are you pulling?
To me these are the advantages. I can still have a truck when I need one. I won't have a lawn ornament when it isn't being used, it will be my daily driver. The truck comes with a lifetime warranty. It will be 4wd. I can get a manual transmission. The camper can be removed by pulling 4 pins, lowering the jacks and driving away. This will come in handy when we want to go to dinner, the zoo or on a date. This keeps us from having to take the dogs in the camper and leaving it on.

My boat is only a 22' pontoon. But I still have to have a hitch. Not all states let you pull tandems.

Those are my reasons. Your ideas May differ. We are very outdoor types and will travel the country fishing and camping once my wife retires.
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What type of camping- primitive or campgrounds?


we have a 34 ft travel trailer. We haven’t used the oven in years. We cook on the stove or outside on a grill.  If we want to heat something up,  we use a small toaster oven. 


My vote, skip the oven. 

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We do a lot of both camping. We use the smoker and grill a lot. She loves to bake also.

I could put a oven it in. It isn't that difficult. There are other issues...

The lack of a real dinette is a downer. If we have the kids with us they will be on the floor. That is 2 missing bed spaces. We would not get the theater seating either. I like to sit with my wife and a center divide would stop that. Also kills another bed.

The 1165 is laid out almost identical to our current travel trailer. I like that layout.

We bought the pontoon so we can have our friends and family with us. The truck will be comfortable for them to travel with us. We need a place for them to sleep also.

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Sherptek makes a bed for a truck camper. It is really expensive though. Somewhere around $25k for the bed. I decided against the 4500 when I stumbled on an amazing deal on my 3500. We finally decided on a Eagle Cap 1200. With the current situation campers are bringing a premium and dealers are asking crazy prices for them. Once things get back to normal I'm sure the market will be full on new campers people lost interest in when they can go on vacation again.d5de4b68e301effde7794cd628eb1d37.jpg


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