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45k Mile Laredo

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1988 Jeep Comanche "Laredo"  45k Miles Mint

1988 Jeep Comanche Laredo - 4x2, 45K Verified miles, purchased from original executive owner in central Georgia. Laredo trim is said to be more rare than the Eliminator and the top luxury trim for a Comanche. Many don't know they exist. Here it is in it's finest glory!

Truck never traveled a northern road, salty coastal state or bad weather. As many know the major problem AMC had with paint clear coatings has been resolved on this truck. I waited in line for the best paint shop in area to professionally disassemble and match factory metallic paint better than it was new. I chose factory Jeep Liberty Renegade rims mated with new General Grabber tires that matched the factory charcoal two tone perfectly. Truck is as nice in engine bay and underneath. Factory labels and markings still intact. Factory floor mats beneath ones in photos for protection. Call me and give me your address and I'll send more photos.

Price: $16,900 city: Murfreesboro  State: TN  Please contact Brian at:  Phone: 615-394-2412





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The truck is beautiful , missing the Laredo pinstripping, which would be along the body and on the tailgate. Also, the end caps prior to 1991 weren't a gloss paint and lighter in color along the body cladding if he wanted to keep it authentic. Looks great though.

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54 minutes ago, schardein said:


Wow, those trucks look so similar. Wonder how close the serial numbers are. Other than the transmissions and one being 2wd, they would've been practically identical from new. Even the radios match. Would've thought that someone optioning up a Laredo would've gone for the tape deck...

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