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AW4 NSS compatibility Q

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So going over part numbers from Rockauto and such ...


It looks as the NSS has never really changed other than the plug end. In some cases the part number is the same between a 1990 AW4 NSS and the 2000 AW4 NSS in my XJ ....


Is this correct? I know a number of parts were only updated for reliability and are fully backwards compatible (shift solenoids being one). But is this true or a typo on their parts .... I just so happen to have a 1990 NSS and was thinking of cleaning it for use as a spare if this were the case?


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Just got done reading this article and it suggests that the contacts are different , read and see what you think as I'm not great with wiring ..



What article? :dunno:
I tried to link just the article about the NSS , but I had to scroll down to find it on the link provided .


I'll take some snap screen pictures of the thread so no one has to go hunting for it .



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