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  1. Yeah that was my thought but I seemed to remember hearing about flipping the steering assembly around and couldn't for the life of me remember what the purpose of doing it was. I guess I'll start looking into the WJ knuckle swap and see if that might assuage the problem. I'm open to any suggestions on getting this accomplished. Though I fear it will turn into either switching back to SUA or moving to front coils. Not sure how I would even begin to properly bend the link
  2. Yes, so the PO set it up as SOA but left the stock steering set up. The issue then comes with any kind of extension/travel the front leaf pack makes contact with the steering arm. Obviously I don't particularly want to leave it that way and I don't necessarily want to convert to front coils.
  3. Hello gents, it's been some time since I've posted since my MJ was totaled in 2016. I unfortunately have not obtained another Comanche yet but I'm building my YJ and everyone here is way more knowledgable than what seems to be found on wrangler forums. anyhow I'm looking for opinions on steering over knuckle conversions... If that's even what it's called. Any help is appreciated!!
  4. Yeah pretty sore but other than that I'm in good shape. Super dissapointed about my baby though. Put a lot of blood sweat and tears in this thing. Local guy has an 88 for sale for about 2k I'm probably going to take a look at it.
  5. Well I have good news and bad news. Good news is I don't have to worry about the transmission anymore. Bad news is the MJ sung her last song this morning...
  6. Indeed, I would be interested.
  7. It happens in both comfort and power modes
  8. It was dex/merc atf. It was dirty but not metallic at all. Yeah what I meant be readjusting it was that I reset it to where it is supposed to be set each time before starting up to make sure that it wasn't somehow slipping. Okay if I pull it from the linkage and secure it, if the tv cable is the issue will the symptom subside? Or what should I look for if that is not the case?
  9. Okay, over the last two days I attempted loosening and re adjusting the tv cable... To no avail unfortunately. Issue still occurs. Also I replaced the fluid back in February. I forgot to mention some information. After sitting overnight if I accelerate EXTREMELY slow and baby it, it will shift. If I hit the pedal even slightly harder I feel it slip out of gear and I have to pull over and shift through the gears, or down shift to 1-2 on the column and try to bump shift up. Either option only fixes it sometimes. Once the tranny is warm, I see absolutely no shift issues. Thanks
  10. About 2 months ago my aw4 started "slipping" for lack of a better term, it will act up and doesn't like to shift out of first. This ONLY happens until the transmission is warm, after that it's all back to normal operation. My question is could this be something other than the clutch plates in the tranny going bad? Like say bad torque converter or valve body for example? thanks
  11. I have brown dog rubbers, they have been a great upgrade so far
  12. The belt is 8 months old, the tension was correct but I haven't checked it recently. I have felt no need to. You think even though its a hard lock that its a pump problem? The box seems like a more likely culprit to me.
  13. No when turning at lower speeds when I cut the wheel to the right I experience no resistance whatsoever. When I attempt to return the wheel to straight it locks and I cannot push past it until I stop the truck turn a bit more to the right and then return left. Almost as if it were catching on something. yeah just like if you attempted to turn the wheel with key off engine off, when it locks so that you cannot turn the wheel in either direction without the key.
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