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  1. Holy heck I don’t have a stock slider. Alright now I feel a bit more at ease working on this thing.
  2. Yeah I have a slider, but now I’m second guessing if it’s stock or not Did the stock mj come come with a 4 piece slider? Left/right panes with 2 middle panes that slide and latch? But I did go with the permatex idea. Seemed like it went well but I had a heck of a time trying to do it in pouring rain. Set up a pop up tent and dryer the area with a hair dryer, taped up the inside hole and applied from the outside. I put a super tiny amount and watched it kind of form and flow into the hole against the tape. Checked it a hour later and it was rubbery. Says to wa
  3. Awesome, thanks for bearing with me, never messed with automotive glass before. I picked up some of that permatex product. The only issue I’m running into is my back glass has metal trim around it instead of just that gasket. Does the trim just pop off?
  4. I’m worried about this gap right here, if I use the permatex stuff where is it going to go? I’m not sure if it’s factory sealant or someone gooped the top area between the gap and window, should I remove this and redo? Also my sliding window seals are shot...defiantly have some stuff to seal up. I was even thinking about just doing the back window job that’s in the write up list.
  5. Dang must have had this leak for a while, you can see where the water streak marks removed the paint over so much time
  6. Well found the leak, I still need to take the seat belt trim off but I’m pretty sure it’s the top of my rear window, there’s a pretty good size gap on the exterior part. It’s amazing how hard it is to pin point these leaks, I sat in my truck with a water hose on top for a good 10 min watching the water but I was surprised how hard it was to freakin locate the actual place the water was coming in
  7. I’m not sure about the rust-oleum product, I’ve only used por 15 on my Jeep and a nova I was helping rebuild. I’m battling a leak issue as well, here’s what I did to check to see if it was my front windshield. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Hd-DFhOAlKk here's a link for getting that trim off https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8OPpS1rFJ10 if you have a front windshield leak I’m not sure about just sealing it, I’m trying to figure out how to fix my leaking back window as well
  8. I’m really liking Por 15 and if you wanted you can roll Rhino over it as well.
  9. How do you go about fixing front or rear windshield leaks?
  10. Hey all, I did a floor pan job about 4 months ago on my driver side which was a typical repair with nothing out of the ordinary. I assumed that the reason why my pedal area was so wet was because I had a flint stone hole in my floor pan. I also live in the Pacfici Northwest so driving on wet roads plus hole equals wet floor. After my floor pan job I took it to a place to have it pressure tested and see if they could find any leaks and the only thing they told me to do was plug up a few holes in my firewall where my wires come through, which I did. Everything was good until wint
  11. Hmmm good point, I know my truck is a 2 owner not including myself. I guess I don’t know for sure if that filter has 270k on it. I was thinking that thing was looking filthy!
  12. Hey guys, doing a tune up on my truck and wanted to share this with you. Really easy and quick. here's my 270k fuel filter Nasty!
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