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Thanks to the Younger Crowd


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... not that I'm all that old just yet, but I do catch myself already saying things like "back in my day".  :roll:


Today was a good day that brought back some memories of when I did something similar. A couple years ago I had the pleasure of driving a few hours out of my way for the shake of a hand that I had never met before. My wife and I were in Colorado and I couldn't pass up the opportunity of meeting someone.




I had a blast walking around looking at Jim's collection and hearing all the knowledge I could soak up from him over the couple hours we shared. Did some real learnin' that day!


The shoe was on the other foot today and I was kind of taken back by the thought of someone who was willing to drive a little ways out of they way to meet me. Sure, I've had a few CC members out at my place but it usually involved trading stuff or some kind of deal. Today was different. Today was just about one dude driving a few hours out of his way to meet another dude... and I think that was pretty awesome. Clark (Lowly) is a newer member and he seems super excited to own his truck. He's got some big plans for it and it's great to see someone from the younger crowd taking interest in these silly old trucks.






Very nice to meet you, Clark! That's a great start to your truck.  :thumbsup:

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