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Tre And Ball Joint Advice Needed

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So I'm at the point that I need to order some ball joints and tie rod ends for my eliminator. I've been surfing the WWW and looked at some reviews.


I'm leaning towards Spicer Ball Joints over Moog, but would love to hear everyone's ideas or recommendations on this. I don't want to go over $120 on the set so Synergy are out. Plus I'm not going to be off roading (unless we have zombie outbreak)


I have no clue about what to buy when it comes to TRE's. I did get energy suspension poly boot covers in the kit I bought.


Please help me make up my mind so I can sleep tonight.


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I bought my ball joints from XRF and have put about 5k on them without any issues. They seemed like quality parts and fit well, however i cannot say much about their warranty as i don't remember if they even came with one. . . :hmm:  Either way they came with great reviews and were less expensive than spicer. Some people even preferred XRF over Spicer/Moog.


Just my 2c.


FYI, I researched the crap out of this before i decided on XRF, i am not the type to throw words around carelessly.

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I would like to thank everyone who took the time to give me some advice. After a few days of reviews and your info. I went with Mevotech MK3161T and MK3134T

My reason why: Price did play a major role. I got a great deal on EBay for the set. Only $80 shipped.

But I liked the company design metal on metal bearing and greasable clean up boot cover and most important zero bad reviews.


I will let everyone how they are on the road as soon has I have the eliminator up and going.

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