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Finally Got Some Offroad Tires.

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Those rims have GOT to go.



Nice ride height, nice stance, nice tires.


Whats wrong with the rims?


Also the rear actually sits level with the front. But i have a set of steel rims & a set of tires on rims in the rear. & Old saggy leafs.

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Rims arent appealing to me either, but hey, Its a nice Comanche and if you like it than let the haters hate and enjoy it!  :cheers:


Had a set of steelies ready to go on it, But due to a few things i couldnt use them.


I'm sure i could have got a better looking set, But these had a ding in them the size of half a grain of rice & I got them for 60% off.

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NICE!!! In the rims: if you squint at en, they KINdA look like the olf Jeep Turbine wheels. Kinda.....

Actually if you look in the back of the truck, The tires in there are on the old turbine rims.

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