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Opinions On Fender Flares Pics Wanted

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I really want to put on some extended coverage flares but I find myself being maybe overly picky I need a little help choosing.


I've seen a lot of shattered bushwackers so I don't want to go that route and I think those are to big,

I like the Napier precision but here is my picky side. The pictures I see of them are not the greatest it looks like they are put on crooked or maybe the fender was cut to high because we're the flare ends at the body line seems high. it doesn't finish we'll. I'm talking about the bottom were it wraps under the sheet metal. So does anyone have some better pictures on an MJ. Preferably a long bed


The other option is rusty's cutout. Say what you will but they look easy to put on and follow the body contours really well. I can buy just one if I need it.


I hope someone can help

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Mounting bolts brake off early and there is no good why to fix them. Plus it takes bodywork to fit them well. They aren't an out of box bolt on.

Do you realize the last 5~ fender flare topics you've posted in, are over 1-2 years old?

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