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Hey everyone my name is tyler, I am new to the forums and am in the process of building up my 1990 jeep comanche 4x4. This is my second comanche and I'm building it as a daily driver that will get me through the harsh canadian winters and see some moderate 4x4ing as well as shuttling mountain bikes where ever i ride.


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This is the truck the day i picked it up got it dirty cheap because the front end was a little smashed up. 160 000 on the odometer, has the 2.5 4 banger and a 4 speed transmission.


 replaced the front end for free with parts i had on an older parts truck.


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Got my coil spacers in today so you can imagine how my day went. One problem i ran into was the swaybar links sheared off because the nuts were very corroded. Now Should i look into getting a swaybar  disconnect something like this: http://jksmfg.com/i-13306723-cherokee-xj-comanche-mj-1984-2001-quicker-disconnect-fits-2-3-5-lift.html or just go pick up some stock replacements? anyone had experience with swaybar disconnect with only a 2" lift in the front?  

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Went with 31's huh? Do they rub?



That being said.  I rock 31's on stock suspension.   THey rub at full lock.

had to cut this little chunk of flare off both sides to clear when turning :


Tires don't rub with the front sway bar connected in order to utilize the disconnect ill have to trim off a little more flare. the rear has about 1/2" of clearance at full flex  :thumbsup:


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Did a little bit of playing in the snow, got stuck after going through about 100m of deep snow. My buddies 1/2 ton on 35s got stuck trying to pull me out after getting one tire into the deep snow . :MJ 1: .  Had to get his tow truck to get us out. good day.

tumblr_n0ccfoxh9b1tp7iyeo4_1280.jpgtumblr_n0ccfoxh9b1tp7iyeo2_1280.jpg tumblr_n0ccemfAKd1tp7iyeo7_1280.jpg Time for some custom bumpers haha


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Dang, that bumper got bent. Did it pull the frame, bend the frame?


I actually like that bumper design, but I've wondered about its strength. I was going to pickup a stronger bumper that hugs the body. But, I'm worried about that too. If the bumper is too strong, an impact may harm the frame.

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