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So this happened to me today:

Sir Sam

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Also, my day just keeps getting better, this morning I needed to drive down to denver to pickup a Jeep I bought I monday, I got a friend to drive down with me so I could drive it back, then this happened:










Guy on a HD trike rear ended me right after traffic came to a standstill on I25, I had been stopped a few seconds when I heard the rather ominous sound of a tire locking up, looked back in time to him clip my left rear and go flying. Guy went tumbling through the air are rolled on the ground before stopped a few feet in front of me on the median, his trike went tumbling along behind him and luckily stopped before it landed on him.


At the time there was a CSP car parked on the passenger side just across from us on the passenger median, so there was a trooper there right away.


I'm fine but my passenger now has whiplash, which developed pretty much as soon as we left the scene, so I'm not sure how that will all work out.


I talked to the trooper who took my report a few hours later to get the info to me, I asked him how the trike guy was doing and he said he is alert and conscience and says he thinks he will be fine.


So now my jeep is down for a bit, in addition to the cosmetic damage something is off in the rear and the drivers side is sitting up high, the unibody does not appear to be tweaked but for some reason its sitting up higher there. I also appear to have a bent axleshaft or wheel as I get some odd wobble/vibration and I believe I can see the rear wheel "wooblying" as I drive down the road.


When it rains it pours(I have a metric butt-ton of other things going on and having my Jeep down is not convenient), and you guys may not care but Yellow Jeep Cherokee Freedoms don't exactly grow on trees, and there were only about 2200 Cherokee Freedoms produced in 2000, less than 500 of which where yellow, so its kinda a shame for me.

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I wonder if the hit tweaked your shackle or leaf spring? sorry to hear about it man. and like pete said you will have her up and running again


Ya I looked into that and it seems fine, right now my best bet as to why its sitting higher on the left rear is that the impact pushed my left rear airshock up, and now its a little overfilled and doesn't want to settle back down. Cycling the pressure in my airshocks may let the vehicle even back out.

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