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Amature photographers

Kenosha Warrior

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Some Hot Rod Photo's I have done









I'm a big fan of F1 and have done freelance photography in the racing world before.






The Car Nut shows through




Random Stuff






Most of the Photos I posted are 35mm prints that are scanned in, I like film because it forces you to take the best photo possible. I have thousands of rolls of film and gigs upon gigs of digital photos, it is one of my many very expensive hobbies.

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Well, admittedly most of what I can show you are of my truck (scanners broken), but I love snapping shots. I'm contemplating giving up my Elan-7e though. I've got way too many almost perfect shots and it's very frustrating. I know, I know, digital is the easy way out, but it's just soooooooo much easier to drop stuff onto my laptop right there and then to check the shot out. :D


Cheesy sun shot:


Unusual angles:


And some where the colors came out nice:


I have a great admiration for anyone that can take good pictures of dogs and kids, but cats are easy. :D

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Camera question:

Is there anyway to make a digital camera capture what my eyes see, and not have it alter colors and lighting? I like my pictures to be realistic, not necessarily "beautiful."


And some pictures!

Night mode working wonders (only thing I use it for is fire)


And not night mode


I guess I just like taking pictures of friends and my trucks really.

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i love taking picutres and wish i could get a really good camera..


I took those 3 pics with a little 4MP cannon powershot (A520). It costs under $200, and does just fine.


Thanks for the complement jackal :cheers:

my camera is a 5mp Kodak Easyshare 5330. its a pretty decent camera, and was under a hundred fifty (cdn) at walmart.

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i actually am taking classes in photography and have taken quite a few. sadly though, i am on dial-up right now so i can not upload any to photobucket to show off here. i have some really good ones of my 86 and 91 mj. i will try and get some up here. or maybe just link to my art website. photography was my second major at CCAD, second only because i wanted to do artwork in video games and the likes first.



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All I do is turn the thing on, point it, and click.....I get what I get :D


I'm also a weather nut, and like to get neat pics of weather related stuff when I can. We had an unusually strong cold front pass over us last summer on afternoon....it was so strong you could literally see the leading edge of it. I quick grabbed the camera (it was moving around 50-60 mph) and snapped some pics before all living hell broke loose. My wife was screaming for me to get inside the house, heh.


These pics were around 3:00 in the afternoon, right as it passed over my house. There's some more here if you want to see them:





Image Not Found


Image Not Found


Image Not Found

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This one rolled thru just as we finished bagging my buddies car. Our other friend had to pull a couple of trees off the road with his 4X4 Cummins so the two of them could get home. (About 4pm In August)


After a Rain




Bugaboo glacier and spire, B.C.


Nudder one. I skipped a stone just as my gf snapped the pic!!


Upper Bugaboo falls


Overlooking Golden B.C. from the top of Mt. Seven


A glacier stream in Spillimachine B.C. This is actually my inlaw's drinking water.


Kickinghorse river and slews, from fire watch tower on the Three Sisters B.C.


Lower Salmon Falls, Brisco B.C.

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here is my latest pic.




more will be on their way within the next two weeks. so feel free to bookmark my mainpage (click my name in the title) and i will post here when it is updated with more pics.


PS- if you click on the pic it comes up as an 800 x 600 pic but if you click "download" in the menu on the left it will be a 1600 x 1200 size pic for those of you that want to use it as a background or whatever.

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Old topic, but let's update it... I'm also amature photographer. Ten years I have only used digital cam (4th) and before that kino-SLRs. Nice hobby and you have great pics! :chillin:



"Siberian Jay"



"...some kind a dog....WHIPPET!!"



"My MJ"



"From MudLake-garage" model:Essi



"''69 Camaro in local friday cruizing"



"Off-road sprint action: Volvo goes up..."

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I love looking at all these awsome pictures you guys post up. I am no camera man at all, but i thought

these were pretty cool, would you believe i took all these with my Blackberry phone? they turned out

pretty good jamminz.gif


you can never take to many pictures of your mj


pretty decent storm rolling in, i love weather pictures.


decent sunset


i took this just north of the river in Kansas City, wish the guard rail was not in the pic.



ya, the drifts were over my hood. i plowed through 1/2 mile drift 4ft deep that day :D

mj took it like a champ.


my backyard

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