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Hello all!

Buying my first MJ this week! Its an 87 with 98k miles, SWB, 4banger/5sp, 2wd.

Rust isnt too horrible on the bedsides, and the floor rust isnt too horrible either. Going to look at a friend's Uncle's "Jeep Graveyard" to pick out a XJ for the 4.0/Auto/4wd conversion tonight, then going to throw the MJ on a 4.5" lift and some 32's or 33's after the swap!

This will be my winter vehicle since my 89 Mustang will never see snow.




What a lame introduction...


Jeeps rule!



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Oh, woah, you are close! lol. I'm like 15 minutes south of St Joseph. My grandpa had an MJ when i was growing up and i was always fond of them... found one local for the right price and just can't pass it up; for sentimental reasons and awesomeness reasons ofcourse. :D

In fact, it looked exactly like this one-> comanche.gif

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