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"Swag" where do the logos go?

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So as a purest, I was wondering if anyone had close up pictures of where all the logos and emblems go on your MJ. I have a 89 Pioneer and so far I have added the front JEEP letters and the Comanche thing on the front quarter panels. I was wondering tho about which models had the "4X4" logo under the little vents on the side, which would have the "Pioneer" log under the word Comanche, which would say "4.0L" on the tail gate. all of that. I want mine to be as close to original as possible when it comes to logos. Thanks!



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I think your title was a bit misleading. I moved it to Tech for you and expanded on the question. :thumbsup: should get more responses now.


and almost all 4x4 MJs were command trac. only a handful of 86s were offered with selec trac (though rumor has it a few late models were made with selec trac).

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