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pneumatic hood lifts

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too lazy to use a different one?



me? no. i've been using this one for 2 years.



oh no was not refering to you -- meant myself -- new avitar in use --


found the pics you were refering to for the hood lifts -- since they have been installed have there been any issues with the hood trying to bend in the middle?


also any smog test issues with the cone air filter?


thanks for the info and great pics on your build :jump:

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I went to the parts store, bought a few long struts that were likely for minivans, came home and experimented 'til one worked (then returned the rest). apologies for the lack of any useful notes or details. :( It's not very strong and could never bend a hood. took a bit to find the right angle, but it works great. :thumbsup:



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all you really need is a single or a pair of '97-01 cherokee rear hatch struts and brackets, and one pair of '84-96 rear hatch strut nipples, couple of washers and nuts, and a drill and some zip screws.


cheap, easy, looks nice when done.

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