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When we gonna get down?

Sir Sam

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I don't about you guys, but cracking up over this recent internet fad.


So this horrible horrible song by some terrible sounding 13 year old comes out and hits youtube:




(I've never made it through the whole song, I get a little further each time before I just have to turn it off)


But if you can stomach watching it even for 30 secs it makes these couple of parodies pretty hilarious:


I loose it at dolphin and fun fun fun:


This one is pretty funny when you start to think about what words would need to be censored:

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHH i didnt even have to click. its Rebecca Black isnt it? IDK if its sad or funny, but she is really bad and i have no idea who saw any kind of talent in her that she recorded a song and a music video for that fact

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Actually, who is the random rapper who just makes an appearance?
that was horriblr. can't even spell after that.. and there is more coming. just subscribe to get on her list. :doh:

ha, i thought you were saying "horriblr" was the name of the random rapper.


it made me laugh for a split second.


people like her make me angry

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